Sunday, February 2, 2014

I See You

We are here.
Yesterday was a good day.

Several hundred people grabbed a copy of, If I Can Lose It... for free on Amazon. Congratulations to each and every one of you on making a great choice.

Everything can change from this moment forward - if you want it to.

It was good to see so many people interested in changing their lives. It was good because I know that at least some of those people will realize that everything happens for a reason, and the reason that they discovered my book is because they were drawn to it, beyond the fact that it was free.

Losing weight is not magic, it's mastery.-)

Today is an even better day.

Tomorrow? OMG!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today's Grammar: I Lost It, I'm Losing It, I Continue to Lose It!:-) - Get It Free!

This photo has no connection to the post. I just like the art!:-)
When a person writes a book about weight control they are somewhat under the gun to walk the walk if you know what I mean. What I'm getting at is that everyone knows! It's obvious if I falter even just a little bit and I get to the point where I don't want to talk about it. Snarl!-) In answer to the unasked question - that's why I haven't been here posting about my incredible success. The journey continues, just not in the way I thought it would.

Let me step back from that last statement and clarify just a bit: I used to measure success, as you know if you've read the book, in daily and weekly stages. But then, everything slowed down to the degree that I thought my progress had come to a halt, that I had lost all I was going to lose and that was the end of it, but then something strange happened on the way to the scale. I must acknowledge that not only have I been able to maintain the weight that I ended the book with, but I'm continuing to lose weight! It's just happening a lot more slowly!

As you know I'm a person in a hurry, right? Well, too bad for me 'cause the universe sometimes answers my requests with, "sure Jon, you can have that, but you must be patient."

Stupid universe!:-)

Anyway, I'm back because people need to know that I can still say that what I wrote is not only valid, but 100% realistic. If I was able to lost it, so can you!

FYI: In a few months I'm going to release a revised copy of,  If I can Lose It under another title. The new book contains all of the info in the original, but will be easier for people to find on Amazon.-) The title as it is is just too difficult for people to find. All people who have purchased the original book will be entitled to a free copy of the new one, so no worries.

For anyone who does not have a copy of,  If I can Lose It - it will be free on Amazon on Saturday Feb 1, 2014!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I think John Travolta read my book...

That's right I saw him on that Kelly without Regis Show this morning and I have to say, he was talking my language. The truth about taking control of one's weight is to understand that it is not a matter of speed but rather one of patience that gets us to the goal.
I appreciate it that he was on the show talking about his new movie Savages directed by Oliver Stone, and I appreciate that he lost the weight in his own way, but John no mention of possibly having read something that assisted you on the journey to taking the weight off and keeping it off?
You know I'm kidding don't you John? I don't need that. Hello?
Uh, I'm here - waiting by the phone...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Which Way to the Jeans Department?

As I move along in this new part of the weight control journey that I've been on for a while now, I've encountered many things that were unexpected (to say the least). One of those things has left me somewhat quiet on this blog. In the spirit of the words of Thumper from the movie Bambi, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all," seemed good advice.

See, I've been following all the things that I laid out in my own book, carefully watching the calories I use through exercise, and making specific notation about the calories I eat. When I say that I've been absolutely diligent I'm not just saying that. I've been watching what goes in and what comes out like my weight depended upon it:-) The problem is, that in spite of all that, I stopped losing weight. This was not like a plateau, but rather more like a roadblock. I've been at the same weight day in and day out for weeks! And then yesterday I gained a pound! OMG! Am I losing it? Well, obviously no. 

Did it bother me? Are you kidding? Of course it bothered me. It made me feel like I used to back in the old days before I discovered that I could lose it if I wanted to. It made me feel like what I knew was wrong somehow, that I missed something important. 

Interestingly, today I went into a clothing store because I needed a new pair of  jeans. The first pair I picked up were 38 waist (too tight before I understood what to do), and get this - they were indeed too tight! I was heading in the wrong direction?! The world was backward and upside down. I got that awful sinking feeling inside (you know the one). Ah, but wait... but no, the actuality was that that particular pair of pants was mis-marked. Just the universe having its little laugh at my expense. Har-har. I tried on three other pairs of jeans, all of which were marked 36 (what I've been wearing) and ya know what? They were too loose! I am making progress no matter what the scale says. I expect that the number that shows up each morning will start reflecting the new reality that is currently showing on my body. Oh and I didn't buy any jeans at all. I figure to wait a bit and get the ones I really want. Seems worth it don't ya' think?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day #22 - The Time of Change 
The problem is that when I think I know what the calorie amounts are of the foods I eat, and I think I know how much energy I have expended, and because I think I know - I don't bother to check the actuality. That is exactly how I've come back to counting the days and blogging about my experience all over again. 
Do I see this a s setback? Not really. Rather I see it as an opportunity to prove to myself once again that I can be in full control of my weight. 
In light of that, I continuously ask the question, if I'm so darned smart how it is that I gained some the weight again? Well, in answer to that, let me ask you a question, did you read the first sentence to this blog? 
Now we both have the answers we're looking for:-) 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day# 19 - Things Are Looking Down:-)

AM Timshel
Finally, I am seeing progress once again! What am I doing differently? I know, by this point you expect me to say, "nothing," however I am to disappoint you in that I have started doing something uniquely different. I went all the way back to when I first started using this method I have been calling a live-it. I realized that when I started I was not avidly consuming those extra calories that I was gathering up in my daily collection of exercises. 
That's it. 
I literally went back to the square one that began even before I began to write about my experience, and it's working! The trick of the moment is to just not let myself get below the 1200 calorie mark in Net calories, and to be really aware of not letting myself act as though I had already lost the weight. Even as I write this it sounds a bit complicated, and I'm making every effort to be a clear as possible. 
Let me try again: 

  • My current calorie goal is 1640 per day.
  • When I exercise for a total of 448 which I managed to do today I end up with 2088.
  • Yes I could and have been feeling free to eat a total of 2088 and fully expect to lose weight.
  • For the last six days I've been eating as close to the 1640 as possible.
  • When I do this, at the end of the day I am left with a net of 1192
  • A single almond brings my total total to 1200
  • If I go over a little bit that's fine.
  • As long as I'm not suffering to lose weight, I'm good...
  • Down by six tenths of a pound today! 

Yep, I'm good!:-)  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day #17 - What The Scale Doesn't Show

The Scale of Modern Art at MOMA
The scale is a machine. I will readily admit that my new scale is a marvel of modern technology. This is a scale that resembles a piece of modern art. It will tell me the time of day and the date, illuminated in a very pleasant blue color. I'm pretty sure that that particular shade of blue was developed by aliens from space to calm nervous Earthlings. There are several buttons set in a circular design that will quite efficiently inform me of my body fat, and my water and muscle percentages. It offers something called Interpretation (perhaps it speaks several languages?). There is a Trend display as well as a Graduation setting of 0.1% or 100g. Its capacity is 150 kg (or as we would say 330.69 pounds.). It can handle all this information for as many as ten people with five different possible Activity Levels. It has an automatic on and off switch. (Fancy, huh?) And, beyond all that it can even, very accurately, tell a person their weight! I told you, this thing is amazing! Just living with it the house is an experience. We all walk around it, speaking in hushed tones. Sometimes, if we chance to run up the circular stairway in the back of the house it will suddenly spring to life, beckoning seductively to anyone nearby to come and stand on the semi-circular standing surface. Do I live right, or what?
So we agree, this thing is very cool, but it cannot see all, it cannot know everything, such as the fact that my pants are just a bit looser today! It cannot measure that, and hopefully it cannot read this blog, because I'm pretty sure that it does not like to be spoken of in a frivolous manner.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day#15 - The Dance 
Today Georgina and I danced. A solid fifty minutes of swing dancing is good for 341 calories, and its fun! What does this mean to me and my efforts? It means that today I managed to keep my calorie intake low and my calorie usage high. 
Naturally, this works in my favor (well, duh). 
As you know, the last two weeks have represented that thing that is the bane of any person concentrating on losing weight the dreaded -  plateau
Still, I did see a slight loss yesterday. It wasn't what I wanted to see but it was something, and I accept it for what it was - a measurable loss in the midst of what has been an extended times of stasis. 
Okay, so now (and this is a good example of the way my mind works:) it occurs to me that if only I were to have managed stasis instead of gaining, in the times leading up to my current weight. It's all a matter of where one stands. It's all a matter of perspective isn't it? 

  • When I experience stasis I desire loss. 
  • When I achieve loss I become complacent. 
  • When I become complacent I tend to gain weight. 
  • When I'm heavy I desire loss, but first have to go through a period of stasis while my body adjusts to my new desire.:-)

It's the circle of life. 
Okay fine, it's not the circle of life, it's the circle of my perspective on weight control. Really, almost the same thing, right?:-) 
The trick then is really quite simple: avoid complacency. 
I think I'll just write that down and put it on the refrigerator:-D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day#14 - Progress Alights Upon The Windowsill 
I am gladdened by the numbers today, in spite of their not being dramatic. At this point seeing any sign of diminishing poundage is a good thing. I am down by another two tenths of a pound! It's not much but at least I'm going in the right direction:-).
 What has been nagging at my heels over the last two weeks is that I'm writing a public blog about weight management, and not reporting losses! 
Imagine if you will, a person, such as myself, proclaiming that the true secret of controlling one's own weight is not only possible, but not a secret at all. When one makes such statements, and cannot back them up by results that astonish the reader, well, let's just say that people might well go away with the idea that this is just another "so called method" that can be tried and tossed aside, after it ultimately works for a couple of days, and then stops working altogether. 
Believe me, I've been there! 
My only answer is that the true continuing story in my life has been weight gain. Yes, I have lost weight and then and gained it back, using so many methods and tricks and pills, that they are now uncountable. 
And yes, I have used the method I am currently using before, and I then gained some of the weight back. What's different? The difference, my friends is that this time I know exactly how it happened. This time I am able to claim full and complete responsibility for the gain, by admitting that I stopped paying attention. When I stopped paying attention my body resumed the pattern it has been in since I was a child. The good news is that I am now paying close attention once again, and although it is taking a bit of time to get the ball rolling in the direction I want it to go - I am fully in charge of where it goes
Paying attention, not becoming impatient, and not letting the tediousness of the progress become a barrier is all I need to focus on. 
This is what it looks like to be charge: patient unshakable awareness.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day #13 - Tax Prep Day and Weight Control 
First let me explain my not posting yesterday: 
I just didn't feel like it!
Are you completely flabbergasted that I went through an entire day with nothing to say? Don't be. It happens more often than you might think. Besides, yesterday I lost no weight, and beyond that I once again gained those two tenths back. Nothing more to report on that front.
All I can do is what I've been doing. I got nothing else:-) 
Oh, and it was the same story all over again today, which leads me to the title of this post. Yes this is the dreaded day. Even as I write this I am sitting in the tax preparer's office - waiting. 
Sound familiar? 
Waiting, it seems, is what I am intended to do these days. Interestingly, I am required to wait less concerning taxes than for my weight to diminish. Perhaps if I were somehow enabled to write off a cupcake somewhere I'd be making faster progress? Naw, that's just crazy talk. No idea of what could possibly make me so nuts just sitting here in this crowded office, filled with people simply desperate to pay money to the government. 
Together we're all waiting, wouldn't you know it, so so patiently...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day #11 - What Goes Up
Okay, ya know those six tenths of a pound I was speaking of yesterday? They've returned to the location from which they emerged (hopefully never to return:). Those nefarious ounces of fat have been vanquished by a superior force... that would be me:-) Now I'm not saying that I know everything about anything, but this news is good, right? My fear, of course, is that it's good in the same way that gas selling for $3.25 a gallon now seems like a good deal. 
Yes, the world has gone mad. 
Mad, I tell you:-)
But let's not dwell on trivialities. - That particular quantity of fat is gone! Well, to be clear it only first came into existence yesterday morning. Really, I don't know where it came from, and I have no idea of where it's gone to. It must have some sort of technical name, right? No? Okay, I can fix that. From this point forward, in all the scientific journals that are sure to be written on the subject, it shall hereby be known as, "Random Early Morning Emergent Flab" (REMEF). 
And, now that the REMEF is gone I am at peace. The downward trend has begun.
The next step is for that trend to continue as predicted (yes, I do know that I'm the one who predicted it). I expect that as the next few days go by, one of those days shall reveal itself to be the one wherein this expectation of loss will be realized.
Okay then...
I'll see you tomorrow:-p

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day #10 - Sometimes Paine Is Funny
"These are the times that try men's souls,"  were the words spoken by Thomas Paine rousing exhausted troops to continue fighting in 1776, and for whatever reason - it worked. Now I know that my dealing with a bit of extra weight is not in the same category at all, but the words somehow are exactly what I wish to express.-) 
Somebody (who will not be named) is busy complaining today. 
The new scale (damned be its truth telling ways!) informed me this morning  that I had GAINED .6 pounds! Oh sure, I've been through this before, but it's still hard to take, ya know? That I have come to a plateau after being sooooo diligent is the thing that grates on my nerves. Yes it's true I am a child of the age of speed-in-all-things. I want what I want, and I want it yesterday
The question now: is what I learned this morning, a time that literally tries my manly soul? Well, I guess not, but let's just say that these are the times that try my astoundingly stellar patience. And, there's that word again.-p

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day #9 - The Point of No Return
I have been at the same weight for the last 6 days; no gain, but then again, no loss... 
It was not so long ago that given the present circumstances, I would have thrown in the towel, and gone back to eating as though I had no control concerning the pressures of gravity on my body. Truth be told, if this were the very first time I was using this method to lose weight, I would be surrendering to the seemingly inevitable and ongoing expansion of my belly. I would quite literally be in the moment of giving up. 
Going this long without visible results represents the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back, or the tipping point at which I become convinced  that surrendering all hope of ever losing weight, is all that is left to me. However, this is clearly not the first time that I have tread this path. I have been here before. I have seen the numbers reflecting absolute stability when I am so desirous of change. What does it all mean? It means that I remain as dedicated to results as is possible. It means that I am incredibly thankful for the experience that informs my steadfast and unwavering (you already know my current mantra, right?) - patience.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day #8 - Yep, yep, yep...
...and isn't that comes of expectations?:-) I expect when my wife or son has to run back inside the house to retrieve some vital piece of equipment (Read: keys, cell phone, computer, comb, piece of paper, thumbtack, roll of twine, kitten, you-name-it) before we can head out on an excursion to the store, that they will be quick. I expect that when I plant something on the first day of Spring, that I should then stand back to watch as the plant matures fully (time lapse style) before my eyes. I expect that people who are entrusted to lead companies will think about the impact of their actions on the world, that leaders of countries will be careful, thoughtful, and and not so quick to anger. 
The actions that I take arising from these expectations, are not that I drive away and leave people standing on the curb; nor do I keep my mouth shut when companies and politicians act in the belief that we the people are stupid. 
Do I feel myself to be in a hurry when waiting for the rest of the world to come around to my way of thinking? Well, yes a little, but that does not lead me to giving up. I do not give up when confronted with everyday events, and I do not give up when leaders make bad decisions. If then, I am able to be patient in those areas, it just follows that I can be patient while waiting for the scale to catch up with what I am doing each and every day - paying close attention to the balance
I have water on for tea, I do believe that I'll just nonchalantly wander into the kitchen right now. What? Oh, no reason...
My weight, in case you hadn't guessed, remains exactly the same as it been for the last several days.-P

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day #7 - Expectations Are High

New Day - J*
Once again the drumming of my nails on the table top drones on and on. Water has been dripping a single drop at a time from the roof over the fourth floor onto the cowling of the air-conditioner. Drip. Drip. Drip. The cats stare out the window, and wonder excitedly about the potential hidden in the scurrying activities of the squirrels, be they allies or... prey
I anticipate the visage to be held in the magic glass of the scale. 
Tomorrow, if my calculations are correct, should bear tidings of great (though they be but modest) losses. We shall see what the morning brings. 
As for me,  I'll go and watch as new buds make their way into the light of the coming Spring. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day #6 - As Always My Lesson Is...
Patience! Naturally, I'm thankful that my weight is not increasing. In spite of the fact that it has remained quite steady for the last 6 days, I find myself just a bit anxious. What if, I think in my ongoing internal dialogue, my plan which includes the drop of at least a pound in the next couple of days (I do accept that it could even take another three of four days) doesn't go as planned? What if, that little voice whines, you continue to weigh this same amount for all eternity? That's not going to happen, I say with bravado. I've done this before and staying at the same weight while I continue to do all the things necessary to lose, is definitely what works! The voice replies with only a surly and rude raspberry noise. No really, I continue on more sure of myself now, than even moments before, I have even seen my weight escalate on the day before I see a loss. What I'm doing has always worked in the past and there is no evidence of any sort that informs me that something is different now. Those last words have effect. They act like water on a wicked witch, and the voice shrieks, noooooo as it melts away into nothingness. Patience in the face of an overly active imagination. Ah yes, I am waiting for my expectations to be met, and I have every reason to be - patient:-)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day #5 - The Morning After Leap Day...
As it turns out no amount of rocking back and forth, no method of stepping ever so  s-l-o-w-l-y onto the new scale has any effect whatsoever on the ultimate outcome of results. I should be elated by this turn of events, and of course I am. However, some part of me longs for the good old days when the previous scale would tell me lies. I know now that it did this to get me where it wanted me; dedicated to keeping it polished and located in a place of high honor. As it turns out the new scale is a more mechanically minded, dare I say, a more truly robotic device, and no amount of metal polish can be offered by which to change its carefully calculated measurements. It's a good scale as scales go, but I have to say it, I was used to being wooed by the old one, receiving flamboyantly worded messages such as: WEDNESDAY 7:00 AM first thing in the morning, and knowing that if I spoke very sweetly it would tell me that I was four entire pounds lighter than I actually was, and it would do so day after day. The new scale is cleanly and methodically accurate, but where, I ask you, is the love? Oh right, now I remember, I provide that part:-p
Here's a question: when is a great film like Hugo like a scale? Answer: when it is imbued by its owners with some aspects of personality.
Strange day, strange post... seems fair.
Oh, by the way my weight remains exactly as it has been for a couple of days now.

Day #4 - This is the Part Where...

Today I was feeling like the weight was on me. Some of you know what I'm talking about. It's not that I feel so fat, but that I feel every extra pound. I made mention in another post of the fact, that before when the scale would inform me, first thing in the morning, that I had lost weight I literally felt lighter. Yes, I know this is absolutely admitting that it matters how and what I think - it matters - a lot! But let's get real about this: now that I know that my weight is something like 4 pounds higher than I thought - weighs on me. (Come on - I couldn't really, in good conscience, pass up on using a pun-of-opportunity like that, could I? - Fine! I apologize, but I'm not taking it out:-) 
Anyway, I walked around today feeling the tightness of my belt. I know what I know, and still, it did annoy me. It was good to come home after work, and put on some sweat pants. It's true, that tightness spurred me into getting on the elliptical machine for a solid 45 minutes, and that was in addition to walking back and forth to the subway (which I do every day anyway).  Soon enough the sweat pants I'm wearing even as I type, will be too loose, and I'll be forced to put on other, incredibly more comfortable (read smaller), pants. 
Everything in its own time.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day #3 - On The Way Down Once Again  Image: 20th Century Fox - Time Tunnel
That's right, I saw results beginning yet again. I lost a huge amount overnight:that's two entire tenths of a pound! Woo-hoo!  Now I know that to some people that doesn't sound like much, but the reality is, that those 2/10ths represent an affirmation that I continue to be on the right track. Small and steady steps will get me to where I'm interested in going. 
Here's what just figured out: If I were to lose two tenths of a pound per day, meaning that every five days I would be down by a pound, it would take 118 days to lose all the weight I want to. If I were to lose those two tenths weekly it would take 590 days. 
Really, as long as it takes is as along as it takes. 
I know! I'm doing great:-)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day #2 - Some Days Are Like This One
The whole ordeal with the scale is now behind me, but as my friend has quite rightly said, "My 'Theory of Relativity' as applied to scales involves accepting that scales can be arbitrary and capricious, and that switching scales just means there is a new baseline to start from. See, it's all relative!
And yes I do have a new and shiny scale, upon which I will once again place my blind trust, as I did with the last one. And, just look at where that got me:-) The thing is that I need a  gauge by which to measure my progress, other than dead reckoning. the fact is that when I do not pay proper attention I tend to gain weight. I know that without doubt. 
Here I am.
Yes, I could have stayed with the old measuring device, but that would be like having a one-cup measure that showed itself to be only a half-cup. I could use it, sticking with the belief that it was correct - in spite of every single recipe requiring a full cup of whatever, turning out wrong.
Today's words are presto and change-o.
Today's weight is the same as yesterday's.
It's a good day.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day #29 - is the New Day #1? Yes it is.

Mirror Mirror #10 - Jonathan Ellis
My weight today, as of 7:30 am, is 188.8, which is about a pound more than where I thought I was 28 days ago! 
Now we all know that I'm a glass half full kind of guy, but really this is not what I wanted to see. Oh sure I was beginning to suspect the truth about the lies being spewed by that other scale.
The question that comes to mind at the moment is this: has the scale become my magic mirror? See, I've been watching a, way cool, TV show called Once Upon a Time which comes complete with the Wicked Queen, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin and on and on. My point is that we know that the magic mirror will always tell the truth. "Snow White is the fairest in the land,." will be said even in the face of the Queen's rage. We do absolutely expect truth from our tools, and yet, here I am.
The question remains, am I indeed starting over? 
Not exactly, but it really does pain me to have fully believed my weight to be some 6 pounds lower than it really is. Oh sure, I can see that I've been losing weight, but now I have six more of them to lose.
All I can really do at this point is continue on in the same way I been doing all along. Even the incorrect numbers were reflecting progress. I've decided to accept what is, as is. I really see no other way to keep myself in line, than to restart my numbering of days, with this being designated as the day of beginning. This does not discount any progress that I've made, but it is an admission to having been heavier than I thought. Can I blame anyone oir anything for that? Uh, have you been listening to what I've been saying about that scale I banished from my home, never to be spoken of again?
Please allow me to quote myself, "Onward and downward."
Tomorrow will be day number two:-) 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day #28 - The Day of Reckoning
Last night my son Josh happily announced that he had suddenly gained six pounds. He is after all quite thin, and I while I could understand his joy and support his efforts to gain weight, I had no choice but to follow through on my threat to the scale that if it continued in its inappropriate actions I would return it for an exchange. 
This afternoon I went to the store with said scale under my arm and returned it from whence it came. The new scale is identical in every way except that the price had gone up by $10 (which I was not asked to pay) and it is new. In its newness it has not had time to go digitally insane. For the time being, it will be identified as the magnificent product of German engineering,  sitting in a place of honor outside the bathroom door....  
I did not bother to weigh myself today since the old scale was clearly unreliable, and the new one did not enter the house until too late in the day to measure anything. Tomorrow morning will be its first test. 
Either I will be looking at measurements that relate to what I've believed over the last several weeks, or I will be forced to realize that when I started on my newest offensive against weight gain I was six pounds heavier than I thought I was. It's not that it would be so terrible, since I have been able to ascertain that over the last three weeks I have at least been losing weight, but the starting weight would have to be adjusted upward. 
Truly annoying, but not a deal killer:-) Okay? 
See ya' tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day #27 - But What Is To Be Believed?

Just Another Day on Times Square
Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid that I need to come to terms with the possibility that my scale has been displaying incorrectly all along, and the random numbers that show my weight as being much higher are the real numbers. Frankly, this idea is the nightmare of anyone working to lose the excess pounds, but if I don't look at it I will only be living in a deluded version of what I'm doing. The only reason to do that would be so that I could go along believing that I weigh less than I do. 
I refuse! 
As I've mentioned before, when the scales tells me that I'm light - I am! When it tells me that I'm heavy - then that's what I feel! I need accuracy!
What I really want is a scale that tells me the truth so that when I'm told I'm lighter - it's the absolute fact, no questions. What does this all mean? It means that yet again I am heading back to the store to trade in a semi-functioning scale for one that, as one of my online friends describes it, as simply consistent. 

Real results are on the way:-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day #26 - Not to say I told you so, but...

It's Georgina!
Georgina just mentioned to me that the heretofore mentioned scale-of-evil took it upon itself to display four (count 'em) pounds more than she has been weighing on a daily basis for quite awhile now. Day after day she has measured her perfectly weighted body, and wam, all of a sudden - four pounds more! I knew it! It's good to have agreement about something so insidious that it could one day undermine the stability of the spinning of the planet about the sun! I have been vindicated!

Huzzah, etc...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day #25 - There are days when...
I know that this will be very difficult to believe but some days I don't have than much to say. Let em explain... most of the time I want to talk about my process, I want to tell the world what and how I'm doing. Why, you ask, the hell would I want to do that? The answer is that I have a need to let others know what I'm doing because I know that the information is transferable. What I've been through over the course of my life, in terms of being overweight almost all of the time, and having tried virtually every possible way to change that only to fail again and again... has real bearing on what works. That's been the basis for all of this - trying to let others know that there is hope. It is not only possible to take control of one's weight, but the l fact is exactly as I've stated it. I originally described the experience as If, I Can Lose It... As it turned out I could, and did, lose it. Yes, I gained some of it back, and now I'm losing it again. I personally do not claim that I'm perfect, but I am claiming that using the process that I'm using is. It's perfect because it's all about each individual taking complete charge of their own weight. That's it. I dodn't have much to say but I'm saying it anyway. Think about this: if you read this far, maybe you wanted to read the little I had to say:-) Gotcha!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day #24 - Remembering the early days of Gravitophobia...
That's right the fear of the bathroom scale is called Gravitophobia ( Who knew?
Still, I do think it's good to look back to the when I originally began working on myself in this particular way (the way that actually works:-). It used to be that I would avoid any confrontation with the scale for fear that it would be telling me my own worst secrets. I know what it's like to weigh myself, and know that I'm putting on pounds and understanding, to my great discomfort, that there is nothing I can do about it. 
Really, I had gotten to the point of giving away all my old "skinny" clothes. This was something I had never done before. That's right, I had never once done that in all the years of constant weight gain. Some of the jeans I gave away were older than my son! That move was me, simply giving up on ever having any control at all. I had resigned myself to a future of growing larger and larger, always buying the largest sizes to hide my body, and endlessly feeling a certain amount of shame at being unable to change what was clearly a huge problem in my life. 
My, how times have changed! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day #23 - Just Another Day
I have nothing kind, nor bizarre, nor strange, nor evil, nor pithy, nor insightful, nor wondrous to say about this day. I got on the scale this morning and all is well. I haven't lost nor have I gained. The only thing of real interest is how many times I've used the word nor in this post. Just another good day.
It's always good to say, Thank you.

Thank you.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day #22 - What Happened to Day #21?

The Kracken
I slept late yesterday morning, got up, fed the cats and had some coffee. Georgina and I went shopping and cleaned the house. What's missing from this scenario? The part where I weighed myself! 
I didn't do it! 
I went an entire day without. It was like being in some weird sci-fi thriller. What the heck, you say?! 
I just decided to throw caution to the wind, and wait for today which has turned out to be a good thing, 'cause when I weighed myself I was down to 182.8! 
Imagine that, a day without me obsessing, and I still managed to continue on in this downward path. Will wonders never cease? 

Uh... No!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day #20 - Is It Mind Over Matter or..?
When the scale tells me that I've lost weight I feel like I have indeed lost weight; my step is lighter, I feel more free and easy, my attitude is superior. When the scale tells me that I have gained weight (or not lost when I'm trying to do so), I feel like I have lead weights strapped to my feet, my pants become snug, I become a lumbering grotesque creature. 
The only problem is that I have clearly ascertained that my scale is quite often wrong, and yet my psyche is so easily swayed by that wretched lying ner-do-well!
Am I a product of what that chunk of metal tells me? Yes, I'm sorry to report that I am. Am I to spend the rest of my days on this planet searching for an honorable scale that will not display a measurement that is so wrong that I am moved to get off and get back on for another try, or five? 
Yes, oh yes, I am a man on a mission:-)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day #19 - If I Reported Every Number Every Day
If I put every number reported to me by that so called "scale" (okay, it really is a scale, but you do get the point right?) the charted graphic would look like the jagged mouth of a Halloween Pumpkin! My weight apparently varies by as much as six pounds from day to day! And yes, I weigh myself at exactly the same time every day... What  am I  to do, but report the numbers that I like, and ignore those that work to destroy my sense of astounding victory? 

Everyone does what must be done, right? 

Am I lying to myself? Not at all... 

The fact is that when I see my record low weight being digitally mocked after two straight days of diminishing numbers, by a sudden upward surge (and this on a day after a nothing less than magnificent effort on my part) I am left with no real choice but to call that dastardly mechanized villain out into the street where we will settle things!

Well what do you know, gravity is stronger out in the street than in my bathroom... I think I'll just settle down and accept the low numbers and ignore the high ones... Isn't that where this started? 

Yep, yep, yep...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day #18 - What a World

Cool, I can quote my own book:-p
Some days are certainly better than others, and on those days I spend my time glowing and crowing about whatever success has graced my world of weight control. Other days I have issues with an inanimate chunk of technology that rules how I feel about my weight and consequently, often as not, my sense of self worth. The fact is, that no matter the measurement by which the pull of gravity on the material of my body is calculated, I am always me. I have always been this person, and I am happy about that, no matter if I complain about the ongoing trial of strength between me and the evil that is my scale. Being who I am is a gift. Who am I to complain about that? What I'm getting at, in my round about way, is some days I'm heavier than on other days, and that used fact to rule my life. Now I know how much control I really have, if I don't get too attached to getting to where I want to go - quickly. Here I am on day 20, and I've lost a small amount of weight. Excellent! Does this mean that I'll not be complaining tomorrow? Common, I'm still the way I am; impatient, sometimes grouchy, often opinionated, and an all round great human being with no flaws of any kind.-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day #17 - Ode to Thee Oh Scale of My Dreams
Dear Scale:
First, let me begin by offering my sincere apologies for the terrible things I've been saying about you over the last few days. How was I to know that you were just fooling around with me, antagonizing me with displays of an additional of three pounds when I expected to be seeing only a few scant tenths of a pound loss. Surely, you can understand why I would tell my friends of your wayward attitudes and wanton ways. I know now that you have a sense of humor, or why would you have tortured me in the first place? With that in mind I 'm hoping that we might continue our relationship of mutual respect and admiration. Have I mentioned how nicely your platform gleams in the morning light as it streams through the window in the early dawn? I clearly remember how your digital numbers sparkled with a wonderful intensity this morning. The pretty little buttons around the face of your dial looked so perfect, and particularly desirable today I could barely keep myself from pushing a few of them, even though I have no real concept of what any of them do. My weight today as you well know was down to 184.6! What a way you have with numbers!
Happy Valentine's Day my love,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day #16 - Successes No Matter How Small...

Just a favorite place:-)
Today the number stands at 185.2 in spite of the scale's intention to add three or four random pounds just to get a reaction out of me (quite successfully, I might add), I am intent of celebration my victories and ignoring the naysayers (are you hearing me demento-scale?!)
Today then stands as supreme when compared to all other days, well at least to yesterday during which a certain scale was having its little joke with me. what then is really different about today?
Nothin' - I'm good, same as usual:-)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day #15 - The Scale Taketh Away and The Scale...

 Image taken from
Well everyone knows yesterday's grand and spectacular loss of weight, according to the that two-timing, double dealing scale sitting in a secure, though undisclosed location, outside the bathroom door. 

Oh sure, yesterday it was all smiles and pleasantries, and today it's displaying numbers impossible to comprehend as realistic. Is it looking for a fight? 

The way things stand now is that I'm making the choice to fully believe the results displayed on days that align with I want to see, and to ignore its hateful lying behavior on days like this one. 

Hey, I feel good. My pants are not tight. Life is great. Let it be duly noted that the scale is treading on some very thin ice. Either the two of us will be stepping into the street at high-noon to settle things or it may soon be seeing the inside of the store from which it originally emanated with, returned as defective stamped on its readout window.

"And on and on..."


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day #14 - Now that I'm so incredibly superior...

If Disney asks me to remove it - I will. OK?
Oh yes, it is good to know that I am superior to an inert chunk of plastic and metal operated by sensors and a couple of batteries, because as you know, at this time yesterday I was having some serious doubts... 
As it turns out I have dropped to 185.8 - in spite of that ridiculous 3 pound increase that was seen yesterday, like a bad dream. Alas, the abject horror of that memory lingers although the chill has now gone from my bones in spite of the change in the weather. 
My step is lighter, my pants are looser and I am, quite obviously - the King. As Mel Brooks said, "It's good to be the King." Couldn't a put it better myself:-)