Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today's Grammar: I Lost It, I'm Losing It, I Continue to Lose It!:-) - Get It Free!

This photo has no connection to the post. I just like the art!:-)
When a person writes a book about weight control they are somewhat under the gun to walk the walk if you know what I mean. What I'm getting at is that everyone knows! It's obvious if I falter even just a little bit and I get to the point where I don't want to talk about it. Snarl!-) In answer to the unasked question - that's why I haven't been here posting about my incredible success. The journey continues, just not in the way I thought it would.

Let me step back from that last statement and clarify just a bit: I used to measure success, as you know if you've read the book, in daily and weekly stages. But then, everything slowed down to the degree that I thought my progress had come to a halt, that I had lost all I was going to lose and that was the end of it, but then something strange happened on the way to the scale. I must acknowledge that not only have I been able to maintain the weight that I ended the book with, but I'm continuing to lose weight! It's just happening a lot more slowly!

As you know I'm a person in a hurry, right? Well, too bad for me 'cause the universe sometimes answers my requests with, "sure Jon, you can have that, but you must be patient."

Stupid universe!:-)

Anyway, I'm back because people need to know that I can still say that what I wrote is not only valid, but 100% realistic. If I was able to lost it, so can you!

FYI: In a few months I'm going to release a revised copy of,  If I can Lose It under another title. The new book contains all of the info in the original, but will be easier for people to find on Amazon.-) The title as it is is just too difficult for people to find. All people who have purchased the original book will be entitled to a free copy of the new one, so no worries.

For anyone who does not have a copy of,  If I can Lose It - it will be free on Amazon on Saturday Feb 1, 2014!

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