Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I think John Travolta read my book...

That's right I saw him on that Kelly without Regis Show this morning and I have to say, he was talking my language. The truth about taking control of one's weight is to understand that it is not a matter of speed but rather one of patience that gets us to the goal.
I appreciate it that he was on the show talking about his new movie Savages directed by Oliver Stone, and I appreciate that he lost the weight in his own way, but John no mention of possibly having read something that assisted you on the journey to taking the weight off and keeping it off?
You know I'm kidding don't you John? I don't need that. Hello?
Uh, I'm here - waiting by the phone...


  1. Hello Dr. Byler - thanks for you input, however I would have to respectfully disagree in part. I believe that specifically choosing raw over processed foods and drinking green tea are not necessary in an effort to successfully lose weight.

  2. Thank you for your comment rahul, and for the link to your site. I wish you the very best of luck,