Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day#14 - Progress Alights Upon The Windowsill 
I am gladdened by the numbers today, in spite of their not being dramatic. At this point seeing any sign of diminishing poundage is a good thing. I am down by another two tenths of a pound! It's not much but at least I'm going in the right direction:-).
 What has been nagging at my heels over the last two weeks is that I'm writing a public blog about weight management, and not reporting losses! 
Imagine if you will, a person, such as myself, proclaiming that the true secret of controlling one's own weight is not only possible, but not a secret at all. When one makes such statements, and cannot back them up by results that astonish the reader, well, let's just say that people might well go away with the idea that this is just another "so called method" that can be tried and tossed aside, after it ultimately works for a couple of days, and then stops working altogether. 
Believe me, I've been there! 
My only answer is that the true continuing story in my life has been weight gain. Yes, I have lost weight and then and gained it back, using so many methods and tricks and pills, that they are now uncountable. 
And yes, I have used the method I am currently using before, and I then gained some of the weight back. What's different? The difference, my friends is that this time I know exactly how it happened. This time I am able to claim full and complete responsibility for the gain, by admitting that I stopped paying attention. When I stopped paying attention my body resumed the pattern it has been in since I was a child. The good news is that I am now paying close attention once again, and although it is taking a bit of time to get the ball rolling in the direction I want it to go - I am fully in charge of where it goes
Paying attention, not becoming impatient, and not letting the tediousness of the progress become a barrier is all I need to focus on. 
This is what it looks like to be charge: patient unshakable awareness.

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