Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day #4 - This is the Part Where...

Today I was feeling like the weight was on me. Some of you know what I'm talking about. It's not that I feel so fat, but that I feel every extra pound. I made mention in another post of the fact, that before when the scale would inform me, first thing in the morning, that I had lost weight I literally felt lighter. Yes, I know this is absolutely admitting that it matters how and what I think - it matters - a lot! But let's get real about this: now that I know that my weight is something like 4 pounds higher than I thought - weighs on me. (Come on - I couldn't really, in good conscience, pass up on using a pun-of-opportunity like that, could I? - Fine! I apologize, but I'm not taking it out:-) 
Anyway, I walked around today feeling the tightness of my belt. I know what I know, and still, it did annoy me. It was good to come home after work, and put on some sweat pants. It's true, that tightness spurred me into getting on the elliptical machine for a solid 45 minutes, and that was in addition to walking back and forth to the subway (which I do every day anyway).  Soon enough the sweat pants I'm wearing even as I type, will be too loose, and I'll be forced to put on other, incredibly more comfortable (read smaller), pants. 
Everything in its own time.

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