Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day #3 - On The Way Down Once Again

  fanpop.com  Image: 20th Century Fox - Time Tunnel
That's right, I saw results beginning yet again. I lost a huge amount overnight:that's two entire tenths of a pound! Woo-hoo!  Now I know that to some people that doesn't sound like much, but the reality is, that those 2/10ths represent an affirmation that I continue to be on the right track. Small and steady steps will get me to where I'm interested in going. 
Here's what just figured out: If I were to lose two tenths of a pound per day, meaning that every five days I would be down by a pound, it would take 118 days to lose all the weight I want to. If I were to lose those two tenths weekly it would take 590 days. 
Really, as long as it takes is as along as it takes. 
I know! I'm doing great:-)

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