Monday, February 27, 2012

Day #2 - Some Days Are Like This One
The whole ordeal with the scale is now behind me, but as my friend has quite rightly said, "My 'Theory of Relativity' as applied to scales involves accepting that scales can be arbitrary and capricious, and that switching scales just means there is a new baseline to start from. See, it's all relative!
And yes I do have a new and shiny scale, upon which I will once again place my blind trust, as I did with the last one. And, just look at where that got me:-) The thing is that I need a  gauge by which to measure my progress, other than dead reckoning. the fact is that when I do not pay proper attention I tend to gain weight. I know that without doubt. 
Here I am.
Yes, I could have stayed with the old measuring device, but that would be like having a one-cup measure that showed itself to be only a half-cup. I could use it, sticking with the belief that it was correct - in spite of every single recipe requiring a full cup of whatever, turning out wrong.
Today's words are presto and change-o.
Today's weight is the same as yesterday's.
It's a good day.

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