Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day #28 - The Day of Reckoning
Last night my son Josh happily announced that he had suddenly gained six pounds. He is after all quite thin, and I while I could understand his joy and support his efforts to gain weight, I had no choice but to follow through on my threat to the scale that if it continued in its inappropriate actions I would return it for an exchange. 
This afternoon I went to the store with said scale under my arm and returned it from whence it came. The new scale is identical in every way except that the price had gone up by $10 (which I was not asked to pay) and it is new. In its newness it has not had time to go digitally insane. For the time being, it will be identified as the magnificent product of German engineering,  sitting in a place of honor outside the bathroom door....  
I did not bother to weigh myself today since the old scale was clearly unreliable, and the new one did not enter the house until too late in the day to measure anything. Tomorrow morning will be its first test. 
Either I will be looking at measurements that relate to what I've believed over the last several weeks, or I will be forced to realize that when I started on my newest offensive against weight gain I was six pounds heavier than I thought I was. It's not that it would be so terrible, since I have been able to ascertain that over the last three weeks I have at least been losing weight, but the starting weight would have to be adjusted upward. 
Truly annoying, but not a deal killer:-) Okay? 
See ya' tomorrow.

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