Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day #25 - There are days when...
I know that this will be very difficult to believe but some days I don't have than much to say. Let em explain... most of the time I want to talk about my process, I want to tell the world what and how I'm doing. Why, you ask, the hell would I want to do that? The answer is that I have a need to let others know what I'm doing because I know that the information is transferable. What I've been through over the course of my life, in terms of being overweight almost all of the time, and having tried virtually every possible way to change that only to fail again and again... has real bearing on what works. That's been the basis for all of this - trying to let others know that there is hope. It is not only possible to take control of one's weight, but the l fact is exactly as I've stated it. I originally described the experience as If, I Can Lose It... As it turned out I could, and did, lose it. Yes, I gained some of it back, and now I'm losing it again. I personally do not claim that I'm perfect, but I am claiming that using the process that I'm using is. It's perfect because it's all about each individual taking complete charge of their own weight. That's it. I dodn't have much to say but I'm saying it anyway. Think about this: if you read this far, maybe you wanted to read the little I had to say:-) Gotcha!

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