Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day #19 - If I Reported Every Number Every Day
If I put every number reported to me by that so called "scale" (okay, it really is a scale, but you do get the point right?) the charted graphic would look like the jagged mouth of a Halloween Pumpkin! My weight apparently varies by as much as six pounds from day to day! And yes, I weigh myself at exactly the same time every day... What  am I  to do, but report the numbers that I like, and ignore those that work to destroy my sense of astounding victory? 

Everyone does what must be done, right? 

Am I lying to myself? Not at all... 

The fact is that when I see my record low weight being digitally mocked after two straight days of diminishing numbers, by a sudden upward surge (and this on a day after a nothing less than magnificent effort on my part) I am left with no real choice but to call that dastardly mechanized villain out into the street where we will settle things!

Well what do you know, gravity is stronger out in the street than in my bathroom... I think I'll just settle down and accept the low numbers and ignore the high ones... Isn't that where this started? 

Yep, yep, yep...

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