Friday, February 17, 2012

Day #20 - Is It Mind Over Matter or..?
When the scale tells me that I've lost weight I feel like I have indeed lost weight; my step is lighter, I feel more free and easy, my attitude is superior. When the scale tells me that I have gained weight (or not lost when I'm trying to do so), I feel like I have lead weights strapped to my feet, my pants become snug, I become a lumbering grotesque creature. 
The only problem is that I have clearly ascertained that my scale is quite often wrong, and yet my psyche is so easily swayed by that wretched lying ner-do-well!
Am I a product of what that chunk of metal tells me? Yes, I'm sorry to report that I am. Am I to spend the rest of my days on this planet searching for an honorable scale that will not display a measurement that is so wrong that I am moved to get off and get back on for another try, or five? 
Yes, oh yes, I am a man on a mission:-)

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