Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day #18 - What a World

Cool, I can quote my own book:-p
Some days are certainly better than others, and on those days I spend my time glowing and crowing about whatever success has graced my world of weight control. Other days I have issues with an inanimate chunk of technology that rules how I feel about my weight and consequently, often as not, my sense of self worth. The fact is, that no matter the measurement by which the pull of gravity on the material of my body is calculated, I am always me. I have always been this person, and I am happy about that, no matter if I complain about the ongoing trial of strength between me and the evil that is my scale. Being who I am is a gift. Who am I to complain about that? What I'm getting at, in my round about way, is some days I'm heavier than on other days, and that used fact to rule my life. Now I know how much control I really have, if I don't get too attached to getting to where I want to go - quickly. Here I am on day 20, and I've lost a small amount of weight. Excellent! Does this mean that I'll not be complaining tomorrow? Common, I'm still the way I am; impatient, sometimes grouchy, often opinionated, and an all round great human being with no flaws of any kind.-)

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