Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day #17 - Ode to Thee Oh Scale of My Dreams

Dear Scale:
First, let me begin by offering my sincere apologies for the terrible things I've been saying about you over the last few days. How was I to know that you were just fooling around with me, antagonizing me with displays of an additional of three pounds when I expected to be seeing only a few scant tenths of a pound loss. Surely, you can understand why I would tell my friends of your wayward attitudes and wanton ways. I know now that you have a sense of humor, or why would you have tortured me in the first place? With that in mind I 'm hoping that we might continue our relationship of mutual respect and admiration. Have I mentioned how nicely your platform gleams in the morning light as it streams through the window in the early dawn? I clearly remember how your digital numbers sparkled with a wonderful intensity this morning. The pretty little buttons around the face of your dial looked so perfect, and particularly desirable today I could barely keep myself from pushing a few of them, even though I have no real concept of what any of them do. My weight today as you well know was down to 184.6! What a way you have with numbers!
Happy Valentine's Day my love,

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