Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day #8 - Yep, yep, yep...
...and isn't that comes of expectations?:-) I expect when my wife or son has to run back inside the house to retrieve some vital piece of equipment (Read: keys, cell phone, computer, comb, piece of paper, thumbtack, roll of twine, kitten, you-name-it) before we can head out on an excursion to the store, that they will be quick. I expect that when I plant something on the first day of Spring, that I should then stand back to watch as the plant matures fully (time lapse style) before my eyes. I expect that people who are entrusted to lead companies will think about the impact of their actions on the world, that leaders of countries will be careful, thoughtful, and and not so quick to anger. 
The actions that I take arising from these expectations, are not that I drive away and leave people standing on the curb; nor do I keep my mouth shut when companies and politicians act in the belief that we the people are stupid. 
Do I feel myself to be in a hurry when waiting for the rest of the world to come around to my way of thinking? Well, yes a little, but that does not lead me to giving up. I do not give up when confronted with everyday events, and I do not give up when leaders make bad decisions. If then, I am able to be patient in those areas, it just follows that I can be patient while waiting for the scale to catch up with what I am doing each and every day - paying close attention to the balance
I have water on for tea, I do believe that I'll just nonchalantly wander into the kitchen right now. What? Oh, no reason...
My weight, in case you hadn't guessed, remains exactly the same as it been for the last several days.-P

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