Friday, March 2, 2012

Day #6 - As Always My Lesson Is...
Patience! Naturally, I'm thankful that my weight is not increasing. In spite of the fact that it has remained quite steady for the last 6 days, I find myself just a bit anxious. What if, I think in my ongoing internal dialogue, my plan which includes the drop of at least a pound in the next couple of days (I do accept that it could even take another three of four days) doesn't go as planned? What if, that little voice whines, you continue to weigh this same amount for all eternity? That's not going to happen, I say with bravado. I've done this before and staying at the same weight while I continue to do all the things necessary to lose, is definitely what works! The voice replies with only a surly and rude raspberry noise. No really, I continue on more sure of myself now, than even moments before, I have even seen my weight escalate on the day before I see a loss. What I'm doing has always worked in the past and there is no evidence of any sort that informs me that something is different now. Those last words have effect. They act like water on a wicked witch, and the voice shrieks, noooooo as it melts away into nothingness. Patience in the face of an overly active imagination. Ah yes, I am waiting for my expectations to be met, and I have every reason to be - patient:-)

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