Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day #15 - The Scale Taketh Away and The Scale...

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Well everyone knows yesterday's grand and spectacular loss of weight, according to the that two-timing, double dealing scale sitting in a secure, though undisclosed location, outside the bathroom door. 

Oh sure, yesterday it was all smiles and pleasantries, and today it's displaying numbers impossible to comprehend as realistic. Is it looking for a fight? 

The way things stand now is that I'm making the choice to fully believe the results displayed on days that align with I want to see, and to ignore its hateful lying behavior on days like this one. 

Hey, I feel good. My pants are not tight. Life is great. Let it be duly noted that the scale is treading on some very thin ice. Either the two of us will be stepping into the street at high-noon to settle things or it may soon be seeing the inside of the store from which it originally emanated with, returned as defective stamped on its readout window.

"And on and on..."


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