Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day #17 - What The Scale Doesn't Show

The Scale of Modern Art at MOMA
The scale is a machine. I will readily admit that my new scale is a marvel of modern technology. This is a scale that resembles a piece of modern art. It will tell me the time of day and the date, illuminated in a very pleasant blue color. I'm pretty sure that that particular shade of blue was developed by aliens from space to calm nervous Earthlings. There are several buttons set in a circular design that will quite efficiently inform me of my body fat, and my water and muscle percentages. It offers something called Interpretation (perhaps it speaks several languages?). There is a Trend display as well as a Graduation setting of 0.1% or 100g. Its capacity is 150 kg (or as we would say 330.69 pounds.). It can handle all this information for as many as ten people with five different possible Activity Levels. It has an automatic on and off switch. (Fancy, huh?) And, beyond all that it can even, very accurately, tell a person their weight! I told you, this thing is amazing! Just living with it the house is an experience. We all walk around it, speaking in hushed tones. Sometimes, if we chance to run up the circular stairway in the back of the house it will suddenly spring to life, beckoning seductively to anyone nearby to come and stand on the semi-circular standing surface. Do I live right, or what?
So we agree, this thing is very cool, but it cannot see all, it cannot know everything, such as the fact that my pants are just a bit looser today! It cannot measure that, and hopefully it cannot read this blog, because I'm pretty sure that it does not like to be spoken of in a frivolous manner.

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