Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day #13 - Today's Awful Burning Question

Image found online and altered by yours truly:-p
I am a creature of habit, so when I say that I weigh myself at the same time everyday (yes, I finally found a place outside of the bedroom so that I could use the scale without waking the lovely Georgina:) I mean quite literally I use it at the exact same time each and every weekday morning, and at an equivalent time on the weekends. Yet I'm left with a question that's certainly making me crazy at the moment: the reading that I got on the scale this morning was three pounds heavier than what I've been seeing over the last week! 
My mind experienced one of those collapse moments wherein - nothing makes sense.
Now I don't mean to complain, but in my mind it simply cannot be. There is no way that I gained three pounds.Still, I got on and off the scale several times in absolute disbelief, and still it maintained it's story.
It must be said that I did consider in that moment the morality of using torture on the enemy, though finally decided in the negative. You know me...normally, I would just write this mornings event off as just another exhibition of bizarre scale behavior, and toss the thing out the second story window, but here I am working to shave off the pounds, a tenth of a pound at a time, and that leaves me somewhat sensitive and vulnerable to what  the damned vile thing has to say. And that leaves me at the mercy of its evil lying ways. I suppose I really have no choice but to wait until tomorrow to discover the actual truth... 
Right now I really do not know what I weigh! Oh the humanity!
I think I'll just run upstairs now and use the elliptical trainer. What? Oh, no reason, no reason at all I just feel like spending a lot of energy going nowhere for about half an hour, is all:-)

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